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Outstanding bioremediation in winter months case study


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Alga Power 101 was again able to prove its efficacy when it was utilized on a former industrial site in West Thurrock, Essex, under some extremely challenging conditions. Formerly a scrapyard, the contaminated site was heavily laden with diesel and other fuels. Prior to treatment the TPH of the soil ranged between 8,000mg/kg and 10,000mg/kg. Bioremediation took place between November and December 2010, when the weather in the southeast of England was extremely cold. Soil from the site was mechanically screened and then sprayed directly with Alga Power 101. It was then constructed into vented biopiles and left for a period of eight weeks. Soil samples were taken after the treatment period, and showed a new average TPH level of 775mg/kg, which represented a reduction in overall human-health contamination of 91.4%. The site also passed the stringent leachate targets for the soil of 930μg/l TPH. From seven leachate samples, the average contamination after eight weeks of treatment was 223μg/l, less than 25% of what was required. Given the exceptionally low temperatures during this period, our client had concerns about the level of microbial activity that could be expected at the site and about the effect that this might have on the speed and extent of the bioremediation. However, the results proved that even under these extremely testing conditions, Sea Power 101 dramatically enhanced the natural degradation process at the site.

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