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Overbands supplied to SB Waste

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Master Magnets Ltd has recently supplied a permanent and an electro Overband Magnet to a major waste recycling company in Wolverhampton known as SB Waste Management & Recycling Ltd.

SB Waste Management & Recycling Limited is one of a largest independent skip hire and recycling companies and was established in 1984. They have vast experience in the recycling industry collecting construction and demolition waste, skip waste and specialised waste.

Due to the dramatic growth within the recycling industry SB recognised that they needed to grow their capabilities and services to meet industry requirements. So SB decided to build a new recycling plant at their site in Wolverhampton. They required a plant that met the following criteria,

• Process skip waste at 80m3/hr
• Separate skip waste into re-saleable products
• Be flexible to meet different in coming waste streams
• Operate 5.5 days a week with minimum maintenance
• Be robust and have high quality manufacturing
• To be easy to maintain
• To have a high level of after sales service

SB decided to use the services of Andrew Hewitt at WRPS to design and project manage the scheme, to allow SB to have an input on the choice of the equipment suppliers. From past experience Andrew knew that removing ferrous metals from both the screened small fraction (10-100mm) and the oversize (+100mm) was not only cost effective, but also enabled better separation of material further down stream.

Andrew came to Master Magnets as their reputation for high quality equipment is well known. Master Magnets, now in the thirtieth year, have a knowledgeable and dedicated sales team and Andrew knew that with their experience the magnet design would be more than fit for the required arduous duty. The location of the company in the centre of England and the stock items kept at the site meant that any wear parts required would be easy to obtain and the swift service would mean that in the unlikely event of a breakdown help would always be at hand.

Andrew furnished Master Magnets with the following briefs:

1) A magnet to remove ferrous from the small fraction (+10-100mm), to operate over a 1,200mm wide belt, with a product bed depth of less than 150mm.
2) A magnet to remove the ferrous from the large fraction (+100mm), to operate over a 1,400mm wide belt, with a product sizes of upto 400mm.

Master Magnets took the brief and recommended their solutions.

The first magnet was within the capabilities of a permanent magnet as the max. 150mm bed depth meant that the magnet could be placed at a height of 250mm.

The Master Mag Type K overband separator is an economic and highly versatile alternative to the more expensive electro magnet separators. The K type is a self-cleaning magnet, mainly used within the quarrying and recycling industries. Type K’s are designed to be light weight yet virtually maintenance free, and are available with either a electric or hydraulic drive.

Due to the potential for large heavy pieces of ferrous in the over size material and the required operating height of 500mm above the belt conveyor, Master Magnets recommended an electro-magnet overband separator.

The Master Mag Heavy duty electro overband is the most powerful overband Master Magnets manufacture. Due to its high magnetic strength the overband is able to work at an increased operating gap enabling it to extract ferrous from deep troughed conveyors or to remove ferrous from deep burdens or when the product size is large as is the case at SB.

Master Magnets oil cooled magnets are specially designed with ducted coils to permit better flow of oil into the windings. This special feature unique to Master Magnets allows greater heat dissipation, thereby reducing the core temperature and increasing the efficiency of the Master Magnets oil cooled electro-magnet range.

The magnets were installed in the plant and to enhance the magnet operation shaft senses have been placed on the magnets to detect if the magnet belts have slowed down, indicating either a blockage (on the large item line) or a snagging of the belt caused by a spear of metal.

The SB Waste plant is now running successfully and meets all the criteria laid down in the initial stages. Andrew recommends the use of Master Magnets equipment to others by saying: “ The Master Magnets equipment has more than lived up to expectations. The electro-mag has been able to pull out rebar located within large concrete lumps and the fines magnet removes even odd shaped ferrous, reducing the jamming on the disc screen which follows. We would always recommend Master Magnets for their knowledge of the industry, professionalism and quality of equipment”

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