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Overview of disc brakes and related phenomena - a review

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Disc brakes have evolved over time to be a reliable method of decelerating and stopping a vehicle. There have been different designs of disc brake systems for different applications. This review gives a detailed description of different geometries of the components and the materials used in a disc brake system. In spite of all the improvements, there are still many operational issues related to disc brakes that need to be understood in greater detail and resolved. There has been a lot of research going on about these issues and at the same time different methods are being proposed to eliminate or reduce them. There has also been intensive fundamental research going on about the evolution of the tribological interface of the disc–pad system. One major purpose of the present paper is to give a comprehensive overview of all such developments.

Keywords: disc brakes, disc geometry, pad geometry, disc pad tribology, brake fade, brake noise, vehicle noise, vehicle braking

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