Overview of risk based process safety

Process safety practices and formal safety management systems have been in place in some companies for many years. Process safety management (PSM) is widely credited reductions in major accident risk and in mproved chemical industry performance. Nevertheless, many organizations continue to be challenged by inadequate management
system performance, resource pressures and stagnant process safety results. To promote PSM excellence and continuous improvement throughout industry, the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) created Risk-Based Process Safety (RBPS) as the framework for the next generation of process safety management. ABS Consulting, working with the CCPS RBPS subcommittee chaired by Jack McCavit (formerly of Celanese), is nearing completion of
these guidelines with an anticipated publication of April. The RBPS guidelines provide tools that will help process safety professionals build and operate more effective process safety management systems. It provides guidance on how
to: 1) Design a process safety management system, 2) Correct a deficient system or 3) Improve process safety management practices. Risk-Based Process Safety approach The RBPS approach recognizes that all hazards and risks are not equal; consequently, it focuses more resources on greater hazards and higher risks. The main emphasis of the RBPS approach is to put just enough energy into each activity to meet the anticipated needs for that activity. In this way, limited company resources can be optimally apportioned to improve both facility safety performance and overall business performance. Three RBPS criteria should be considered to improve a PSM system, which include an understanding of the hazards and risks of the facilities and operations; an understanding of the demand for (and resources used in) process safety activities; and an understanding of how process safety activities are influenced by the process safety culture within the organization.

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