Overview of the climate action reserve: opportunities for landfill operators

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There is an active and growing market for carbon credits in the U.S., and landfill owners/ operators need to be aware of the opportunities that this may present for their businesses. Though we do not yet have a nationwide cap-and-trade system, there is an active voluntary market for carbon credits (millions of dollars and millions of credits were traded in 2009) and momentum is gaining behind various proposals for compliance systems. It is only a matter of time before we have a national compliance program for greenhouse gas emissions, and this will likely include a large market for offset credits.

Project Protocols
The Climate Action Reserve is a non-profit, national offsets program working to ensure integrity, transparency and financial value in the U.S. carbon market. It does this by establishing regulatoryquality standards for the development, quantification and verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction projects in North America; issuing carbon offset credits known as Climate Reserve Tonnes (CRT) generated from such projects; and tracking the transaction of credits over time in a transparent, publicly-accessible system. Adherence to the Reserve’s high standards ensures that emissions reductions associated with projects are real, permanent and additional, thereby instilling confidence in the environmental benefit, credibility and efficiency of the U.S. carbon market.

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