Owosso MI - Guaranteed PCE remediation under active restaurant - Case Study


Courtesy of TRS Group, Inc.

First Michigan state-funded cleanup using electrical resistivity heating technology and a guaranteed project.


The site is a former dry cleaner that had operated for more than 20 years. The dry cleaning operations left residual perchloroethylene (PCE) contamination in the soil and groundwater and a building was constructed on the site without knowledge of the underlying contamination. The site is currently occupied by a medical facility, a portion of which is vacant, and an operating restaurant. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) took the lead role in the clean-up, with the goal of reducing PCE concentrations in soil to levels that will not present an indoor air inhalation hazard to the current tenants. MACTEC, LOE contractor for MDEQ characterized site contamination, prepared the focused feasibility analysis and selected electrical resistance heating (ERH) as the most effective remedy for achieving site clean-up goals while minimizing interference to the building structure. Stantec and TRS Group were awarded the contract for ERH remediation. The remedial system was operated until the majority of mass had been removed from the soils. The site was broken down into four remediation zones based on risk factors and PCE concentrations. For purposes of monitoring and reporting, the zones have been sub-divided to create 6 subzones for vapor monitoring to measure system performance.

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