Oxidation System for Sanitary Landfills & Recycling Centers


Courtesy of Merichem Company

The Broward County, Florida, Central Sanitary Landfill & Recycling Center operates the country’s largest landfill gas turbine-to-energy plant. Approximately 9 MMSCFD of landfill gas is collected from 300 wells and converted into electricity. During the cleanup after hurricane Andrew, large amounts of construction and demolition debris were brought into the landfill for disposal. Over a very short period of time, the H2S concentration in the landfill gas began to increase, causing severe odor problems in the surrounding residential area, corrosion problems in the compressors, and SO2 emission problems in the exhaust gas from the turbine generators.

A desulfurization system that could treat up to 15 MMSCFD of landfill gas containing up to 5,000 ppmv H2S was required. Additionally, the desulfurization unit had to be in operation within 16 weeks of the building permit approval for the landfill to stay in environmental compliance on the SO2 emissions.

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