Oxidation System for Wellhead Casing Gas


Courtesy of Merichem Company

Mobil Exploration’s North Midway Facility in Kern County, California, needed a new desulfurization unit for a wellhead producing 0.5 MMCFD of casing gas containing 3% H2S.

The unit chosen would produce effluent gas with less than 150 ppm H2S, reduce Mobil’s costs for chemicals compared to the existing desulfurization system, and be delivered within eleven weeks.

A new LO-CAT® II Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation System, designed to remove hydrogen sulfide from wellhead casing gas, met Mobil’s criteria. LO-CAT provided engineering and fabrication services for the LO-CAT II system and Mobil personnel installed the unit.

The LO-CAT II unit has consistently produced gas with less than 10 ppm H2S, well below the 150 ppm requirement, and at gas rates up to twice the design flow.

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