Case study - Oxidizer rebuild


Courtesy of Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.


Service and Maintenance


Anguil was called in to provide an engineering evaluation of a competitor's RTO that was suffering from visible deterioration and 'hot spot' issues. Due to the customer's production schedule, an internal inspection was not possible prior to the plant shutdown for repairs.


Anguil was able to couple knowledge of the customer's process with its RTO experience and provide a plan to repair the damaged parts and to replace the RTO media and insulation.


Anguil arranged for a Senior Design Engineer to be on site during the project so that each step could be approved instantly. As a result of Anguil's preparation and experience, the installation team was prepared for contingencies and system repairs were completed on time.

  • A complete ceramic media replacement was done
  • Insulation erosion and 'hot spot' issues were addressed and fixed

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