Oxidizer Service Series

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Courtesy of Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Thermal and catalytic oxidizer systems represent a significant investment and long-term commitment to environmental compliance. Unfortunately, there is not a set oxidizer maintenance checklist that will work for every vapor combustion device. However, there are four major aspects that all operators should consider when crafting a maintenance plan or evaluating service strategies.  This paper dissects these major maintenance plan components, offering up invaluable advice to ensure system longevity.  

Better System Documentation

Part of properly servicing your oxidizer system is maintaining the design documentation associated with that system. When it comes to oxidizer design, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards are considered good practice, and those same standards include requirements that should be used for ongoing oxidizer maintenance and system documentation.

The following are critical design documents oxidizer users should preserve that contain information required by the NFPA to implement an overall system reliability plan. Anguil uses the same documents to build and maintain information to offer value-added service on anyone’s oxidizer system, regardless of the original manufacturer

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