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Ozone in Cooling Water Treatment

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When commercial ozone generators were first introduced for cooling water treatment, they were marketed as a stand-alone treatment, a cure-all or panacea. We now know this is not the case. Because there have been many misconceptions regarding ozone, this article is intended to review the basics of ozone, its true capabilities and limitations, and its potential benefits in cooling water treatment applications.

What is Ozone?
Ozone (O3) is formed by combining three atoms of oxygen. The air we breathe contains two atoms of oxygen (O) in the molecular form of O2. When sufficient energy is applied to the molecular O2, such as the discharge of electricity during a thunderstorm or strong UV radiation from the sun, some of the molecular O2 will split into two individual oxygen atoms. When the individual oxygen atoms merge with other oxygen molecules (O2), they form O3. Ozone is a very unstable molecule and will readily revert O2.

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