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Ozone pilot study at Camp Lejeune - Marine Coprs Base

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Air and Ozone Sparging of TCE Using a Directionally Drilled Horizontal Well Site 86, Camp Lejeune

CH2M HILL used a Piper Environmental Group ozone injection system for site remediation purposes with good results.

Site 86 is associated with three former waste oil ASTs, used during the 70s and 80s.

Over the course of several investigations since 1992, the solvent plume migrated away from the source area and now extends several hundred feet off-site.

Pilot Test Objectives:

Prevent further migration of the TCE plume off-site

Evaluate air (and ozone) distribution using a horizontal well

Determine if ozone and/or air sparging can reduce TCE impacts to below regulatory standards within one year.


90% average reduction of TCE within three months in wells with baseline TCE > 50 μg/L

99% average reduction within one year in wells with baseline TCE > 50 μg/L

No significant rebound after three months (greater than 25 µg/L)

Distance of influence ~ 50 ft on both sides of the well (as indicated by DO measurements)

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