P-80® Lubricants are effective for Pump Seal Maintenance


Courtesy of International Products Corporation

One universal goal of treatment plant operators is to keep operations running smoothly and effectively at all times. While many factors contribute to achieving this goal, one simple way to help reach this objective is to perform regular equipment maintenance. Most plants use a variety of different types of pumps. Maintaining and replacing pump seals on a regular basis helps to ensure that systems continue to function efficiently, as planned. Replacing standard pump components, such as seals, O-rings, and other rubber parts, can often lead to frustration because the slip resistant nature of rubber makes it difficult to install, cut, remove or manipulate. Repair and installation of rubber parts can take considerable physical effort and time. In addition, improper part alignment or installation can lead to part failure and safety issues. Using the proper assembly lubricant can turn a difficult chore into an easy task. Many jobs can benefit from the reduced friction and increased safety provided by P-80 Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricants. P-80 lubricants are the perfect solution for pump and seal repairs, they have been used for years by treatment plant operators to maintain equipment and replace parts such as seals, O-rings, hoses, grommets, and plugs. P-80 lubricants enable rubber parts to slide easily into place with minimal force. Once dry, P-80 stops lubricating and parts remain in place, resulting in a tight fit. Since P-80 does not contain silicon or any other persistent ingredients, once dry the slipping action goes away

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