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Packaged Chemicals Pose Asbestos-type Health Risk

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Health risks – asbestos and cleaning chemicals.


Asbestos has long been recognized as a significant risk to health – lessons learned over decades should now be applied to modern cleaning chemicals to remove risks to health, safety and the environment. 

 Remember though, asbestos used to be a wonder material.  It saved lives and made living more comfortable.  Eventually, the benefits of this product were removed as the weight of evidence shifted, and asbestos was recognised as a major health risk globally.

 Over the last few years there have been significant studies released that point at chemicals as a major source of many ailments, and for the proliferation of ailments that have become much more common as chemical use has become more widespread.

 Whilst chemicals have a place in all our lives, many now argue that human and animal exposure to harmful chemicals should be minimised. 

 If you buy a new car, or TV, or even new clothes, or food for dinner there are chemicals present that many of us would rather avoid – but it’s not always practicable. 

 Thankfully, there is one area where removing harmful chemicals is really easy – cleaning chemicals. 

 There are some real nasties in most cleaning chemicals, yet they can be completely removed from our lives if we choose to do so.

 The Gen-Eon Trio is a great alternative –It’s cost effective, sustainable and it works!  Imagine having a compact stand-alone device that makes cleaning fluids for you, that supports a team of cleaners, that works on multiple surfaces, and does it all for a few cents a litre. 

 Other technologies that can help you clean without chemicals include steam and microfibre.

 The crux of the matter is that cleaning chemicals can easily be avoided, and should be!

 Les Miles         GenEon Australia         January 2013

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