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A paint manufacturer, that produces both oil and water based paints, needed help to solve their liquid sludge problem. At that time the wastewater was batch treated and consisted of a chemical addition process followed by settling. This was to be changed in the near future to a continuous type treatment system.

The settled sludge consistency varied form 5% to 10%. The plant wanted to obtain the highest possible sludge concentration and a filter press was the least acceptable option for them; they wanted a continuous type sludge de-watering system.


Hydrocal tested the sludge and determined this could be accomplished using our 1.0 meter, stainless steel Belt Press. The resulting sludge cake would have a solids content of approximately 30%, which exceeded the customer's expectations, and the Belt Press was installed.

The actual sludge cake produced at the plant varied from 40% - 50% solids depending on the type of paint being processed at the time. Average production through the press is 270 pounds of dry solids per hour or 600 pounds of sludge cake at 45% solids concentration.

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