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Paint Can Crusher

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Painting contractors can go through a ton of cans on any single job. Between the paint, the thinners and solvents, the tints, and everything else, many professional painters end up living their lives nearly buried in cans. Understandably, many of their clients don't want the cans left in their trash, so the contractors are left to load them into their trucks and vans and drag them back to the shop or even to their homes.

All of this could be made easier if there were an easy way to crush the different cans that a painting job can generate--from five-gallon metal cans all the way down to pint cans. Where maybe only a dozen or so uncrushed cans could fit in a regular trash can, you could get several cases' worth of cans into the trash if they were crushed. Transporting these cans off a job site, then, would be a simple matter of crushing them, tossing them all into a trash can, and hauling that off the site.

Most crushers on the market that are powerful enough to crush a paint can are enormous and expensive--hardly convenient or sensible for taking to a job site. But Bee Cool Manufacturing has created the Little Squeeze, which is perfect for exactly this kind of application. It's small--about the size of an average tool box--and weighs just over a hundred pounds. But it is strong enough to crush a five-gallon aluminum paint bucket to a sixth of its original size! And the Little Squeeze doesn't just work on aluminum, it works on heavier metals, too.

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