Palm Valley Water Reclamation Facility, Goodyear, Arizona: A Real 'PERC'

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Pacific Environmental Resources Corp. (PERC) is a water quality service provider offering clients a total solution in partnership with nature and the surrounding environment. PERC is a leading design / build / operate company in the wastewater industry. PERC’s total solution provides a scalable and modular design delivered under a single contractual agreement. Clients enjoy the benefits of a small footprint, accelerated schedule to startup, guaranteed capital cost, low operating costs and guaranteed facility performance with high water quality. Key to the reduced space requirement and environmentally friendly design is the unique Omega-paK rotary lobe blower packages from Kaeser Compressors installed in all PERC WRFs.

Litchfield Park Service Company (“LPSCo”) and SunCor Development approached PERC in early 2000 requesting a multi-phase, technologically advanced treatment facility. It had to produce the highest quality effluent possible and be neighbor-friendly enough to be placed directly within the surrounding communities of Pebble Creek, Palm Valley, Litchfield Park and portions of Goodyear, Arizona. PERC welcomed the challenge and immediately began designing the new facility.

Palm Valley WRF features the PERC Activated Sludge Process™ (ASP) technology utilizing sequential batch reactors incorporated with an advanced biological nutrient removal process, an Auto Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD) process and UV disinfection. The ASP™ technology also includes the highest quality equipment available to ensure optimum effluent quality, dependability and a long life span.

Kaeser Compressors’ Omega-paK FB 620 100 hp rotary lobe blower packages are an integral part of the PERC ASP™ design and are used in both the biological process train and biosolids stabilization. Kaeser’s equipment also provides air to the facility’s jet aeration system, which is crucial to ensure the ASP™ system produces high quality effluent.

There are six FB 620 packages installed in the Palm Valley WRF. Their space-saving design allows ample service access but requires minimal floor space. In fact, the FB 620 Omega-paKs require approximately 40% less space than competitive blower packages. PERC is able to significantly reduce the overall size of their facilities due to this important feature. These energy-efficient packages offer reduced pulsations to protect piping and extend the service life of downstream aeration and diffuser equipment.

The Omega-paK units also feature sound-dampening enclosures that reduce noise levels to approximately 76 dB(A) – low enough to hold a conversation right next to an operational unit. Since blowers are generally the largest noise producer in this type of facility, the Omega-paK’s incredibly low noise levels make PERC’s offering even more attractive. Palm Valley was the first PERC facility to utilize these blower packages, and because they exceeded all quality and performance expectations, Kaeser blower packages are now incorporated into every WRF that PERC designs and builds.

The facility‘s operation is quiet, odorless, and extremely efficient – standing only 150 feet from the neighboring property. In fact, the facility is so neighbor-friendly that a housing development is planned directly across Palm Valley WRF’s property line. Furthermore, the property features brick accents and professional landscaping. Because the facility has such a small footprint and all offsite odors are eliminated, LPSCo was able to incorporate a park highlighted by an elaborate water feature using 100% effluent from the facility. The West Valley Fine Arts Center also designed an art piece that resides in the park, entitled “Recylcamation!” representing mankind’s impact in both harming and preserving the Earth.

PERC’s design/build/operate approach delivered a total solution for LPSCo, Suncor, and Palm Valley WRF, opening an Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Class A+ treatment facility in less than 18 months from start to finish. Palm Valley WRF is currently operating in its first phase and processes 4.1 million gallons of water per day. The second phase will provide an additional 8.2 million gallon per day in capacity. Palm Valley WRF’s effluent is guaranteed to meet ADEQ Class A+ standards and is currently being used to irrigate four golf courses and for spray irrigation on agricultural land. The effluent may also be utilized for ground water recharge into the surrounding area.

In the future, Palm Valley WRF will expand beyond the planned phases to include an additional set of buildings and treatment tanks to support the growth of the surrounding communities.

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