Papaellinas - Nannys - Case Study


Courtesy of Centre for Sustainability and Excellence

Project Results and Impacts:

  • First Climate Neutral diapers in the world
  • Increased engagement with customers on climate change issues
  • Increased sales and brand image reputation

CSE Solution 'Life Cycle Analysis and  Marketing  Support'

CSE conducted the calculations needed and properly verified results for the creation of Nanny’s “Climate Neutral” Product. Calculations of the company’s carbon footprint were also made through the use of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Nanny’s Flexcare which included production and transportation of the raw materials, energy consumption, packaging, waste management, and additional procedures needed to create the world’s first climate neutral diapers. Offsetting the resulting CO2 emissions was made possible through investments via myclimate - a leading non-for-profit Swiss organization – in select environmental projects based on international standards and the GHG protocol.

About C.A.Papaellinas & Co Ltd...

Founded in 1930, C.A. Papaellinas & Co Ltd. is now known as one of the leading and most reputable distribution companies in Cyprus.
C.A. Papaellinas was founded as a pharmaceutical importer and distributor. During the 1960's and early 1970's, it expanded into consumer and cosmetic products. Currently, Papaellinas is divided into six marketing divisions: cosmetics and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, paper products, consumer health care products, personal care & household products, and foodstuffs & confectionary.


C.A. Papaellinas was the first company in the Cypriot market to introduce climate neutral products.

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