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Paper mill recycling - Case study


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User: Paper Mill recycling OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) Materials: OCC recycling process wet waste rejects

Before Installation Of ExtruderMONTHLY WASTE VOLUME: 78 loads, 30 cubic yards each


After Installation Of Extruder

MONTHLY WASTE VOLUME: 22 loads, 30 cubic yards each


Application Summary

This mill manufactured paper products from Old Corrugated Containers (OCC). OCC rejects are the plastic, steel, tape and other non-fibrous, non-recyclable material that is a contaminant to the manufacturing process. This waste stream also includes a percentage of wet-strength and paper fiber that is rejected from the process as well. The solids content of this waste stream was 15%. This material was stockpiled then loaded into open-top 30 yard roll-off containers and disposed of at a landfill. Total monthly waste output was 2,340 cubic yards, or 1,800 tons.

The Sebright High Density Extruder was installed here to remove the moisture from this waste stream to achieve economy in transportation and disposal, and to achieve compliance with Federal wet waste regulations under Subtitle D of the Resource Recovery and Conservation Act. After the Extruder was installed, moisture was removed and the solids content of this material was increased to 54%, resulting in a weight reduction of 72%. Material volume was reduced 72% as well, resulting in dramatic transportation savings.

Annual savings using the Extruder totaled $1,237,824.00!! The return on investment for the Extruder equipment system was less than 2 months!!

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