Paper & Pulp Industry Wastewater Treatment

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Pulp and Paper Wastewater

Corrugator Saves $70k Per Year

Paper and pulp wastewater treatment doesn't have to be costly and troublesome. Your paper pulp wastewater can be cleanly and effectively treated and reused. The pulp and paper industry is wastewater intensive so there is great potential in wastewater reuse with the correct approach and optimization of the wastewater treatment processes.

You will find that Integrated Engineers Inc. can evaluate your current system, or design your new system, and likely find areas for improvement. This means better compliance and higher profits.

Pulp and paper mill wastewater has long been environmentally challenging, but no longer. Today compliance is actually good for the bottom line by facilitating the reuse of more wastewater reducing costs, keeping the environment and local ecologies clean and improving the company image while increasing profits.

Using Integrated's unique approach to pulp and paper waste water treatment can meet every responsible company's objectives of improved efficiencies, fewer man hours, better product, greater reuse and easy compliance all resulting in a stronger bottom line.

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Corrugator Sheet Plant
$70k per year savings with Zero Discharge

A facility that made corrugated sheet board was using a specialty flocculant to treat their wastewater.  Unfortunately, it treated the water only one half of the time to acceptable levels for reuse as starch makeup.  The facility had paid $45,000 in the first 6 months of the year in chemical costs and $40,000 in haul-off costs to haul the majority of the treated water offsite.

Integrated Engineers, Inc. developed a process to treat starch-laden wastewater using Floccin™ J.  The process is to adjust the pH up to 10.2 to 10.5 with caustic and add 10lbs/1,500 gallons of wastewater making clear effluent and dry filter press cakes (and eliminated the use of DE as a press pre-coat).  The chemical costs for the Floccin™ products were less than 50% of the previous chemical supplier and all of the water was of sufficient clarity and quality for reuse.  Plant savings have been over $70,000/year and zero discharge to sewer or haul off.

Flocculated Starch Water from an Industrial Wastewater from a Corrugator Sheet Plant Reaction Tank with Popcorn Floc from the Wastewater of a Corrugator Sheet Plant

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