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Paperless efficiency at DHL analytical

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I recently spoke at length with John Dupont, General Manger at DHL Alalytical as well as the owner Dr. Luu and several key staff at this well respected and forward thinking analytical laboratory in Round Rock, Texas. Since they had been using Labcore for over two years, I felt it was a good idea to understand the impact the data package management and workflow automation software had on their operation. I found them all to be very candid and positive about the experience and I thought I would focus on some of what John Dupont said for my first blog post on our new website.

The excerpt below is from a conversation I had during an onsite visit at DHL Analytical (www.dhlanalytical.com) in March of 2014. John, Dr.Luu and the whole staff were great and had much to say.

Fortunately, I had the video camera rolling because feedback like this from real world professionals in the environmental laboratory market is precisely what I wanted to capture and pass on to others. My hope is that others can see the return on investment which is possible from a commitment to improve efficiency by automating laboratory processes and eliminating paper.

Me How has Labcore improved the process and efficiency in your lab/department at DHL Analytical? and what would you and others in your lab/department say are the things you like most about it?

John We really like Labcore’s efficiency. It is efficient in two ways. Its efficient in saving us time and it helps us keep things more accurate with less potential for error…The data that backs up all reports is available in an instant so if a customer calls in and says ‘Hey John, I don’t understand the results. Can you verify it is real?’ Within a few clicks of a button I can pull the data up and take a look. In the old days I would have to go back and manually have the secretary pull files and it may take a week or quite a bit of time. Now I can pull the answers almost instantaneously.

Back in the old days (pre-Labcore) we created alot of our data by hard copy. We were required to keep it at least 10 years so we had stacks and stacks of file cabinets and that would be about one years worth of data. Then we would have to go to a storage container we have on site but its a totally separate storage container which would keep the other 8-9 years worth of data in there. But now we got Labcore so that all stored electronically so we have a server that catches that so it definitely reduces the amount of storage we have to use.

Our workload has increased about probably 60% from the early 2000’s when we were using the old system. So with the same number of people we are able to get work out efficiently with Labcore. I would recommend it. Its been a huge savings for us on time and efficiencies and even accuracies over what we were doing so it makes it much better in the laboratory to have a system like this.

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