Particulate Venturi Scrubber System


Courtesy of Macrotek Inc.

A precious metal refiner required the most advanced particulate scrubber to replace wet ESP for submicron particulate collection. Due to the very high gold prices, economic reasons were the driving force toward maximum removal efficiency.

Macrotek was selected to design and install their ultra high efficiency flooded disc MVA scrubber. In addition to the high removal efficiency for submicron particles, material selection proved a significant factor due to high chloride and fluoride levels. A combination of FRP and Hastelloy was used.

The system has been in operation for over one year and performance tests were conducted shortly after commissioning. Actual particulate removal efficiency was better than 99%, significantly better than the guaranteed level. Particle size distribution was also completed and the removal efficiency was based on more than 70% of the particles in the less than 1 micron range.

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