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Parts Analysis of Low Temperature Chiller


The low temperature chiller is a cooling water equipment which is widely used. So, when using it, you should first understand the principle of the cryogenic water chiller and its accessories, so as to run the cryogenic water chiller more efficiently. 

The low temperature chiller is a kind of water-cooled cooling equipment, which can provide certain constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure refrigeration equipment. It uses the water tank in the machine to inject appropriate amount of water, cooling water through the refrigeration system, and then pumps the cooling water into the equipment that needs to be cooled. The chilled water takes the heat away from the temperature rising water and reaches the water tank to achieve a cooling effect. 

Generally speaking, the low temperature chiller is a relatively economical equipment. Generally, refrigerant circulating system, electrical control system and water circulating system complement each other. It is composed of condenser, compressor, thermal expansion valve, evaporator, liquid storage, drying filter, refrigerant and so on. 

In the use of the low temperature chiller, the condenser can play a role of heat output. Once the high-pressure gas discharged from compressor operation enters the condenser, it can absorb its heat, and can also transfer other heat in the pipeline to the surrounding media. 

Compressor is very important in the low temperature chiller, which belongs to the core part. It can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Compression refrigerant is closely related to the operation of other parts. 

In the low temperature chiller, the thermal expansion valve regulates the flow rate and is also a throttle valve in refrigeration equipment. It can make the liquid refrigerant of high pressure and normal temperature reduce pressure through the throttle of the thermal expansion valve, and turn into low temperature and low pressure steam to enter the evaporator to gasify and absorb heat, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. 

Of course, the evaporator is also a heat exchanger which uses refrigerant evaporation to achieve the absorption of heat by the low temperature chiller. In addition, in a relatively small low temperature chiller, drying filters are also necessary to prevent some other substances from entering the refrigeration system! 

So, before you use the low temperature chiller, you should have a good look at it. After all, there are many knowledge points. You can see more about it. 

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