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Passive samplers for air quality monitoring in a Brazilian university


The aim of this paper was to evaluate the applicability of passive samplers for the monitoring and diagnosis of air pollution at Passo Fundo University, focusing on atmospheric pollutants NO
and O
. The samplers were built in accordance with already verified methodologies and were placed in several locations in the university campus, namely: energy generator, pool heating boiler, entrance porch, an exhaustion chamber and a place with less anthropic influence to represent the blank. Higher concentrations of pollutants were encountered in the samplers located near the energy generator, followed by the ones in the boiler. Nevertheless, all the results were pursuant to the Brazilian legislation for air quality. The cost of these samplers was also considered and was regarded as viable for academic use and as a first step in air quality control.

Keywords: air quality monitoring, Ficks’s law, higher education institutions, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, passive samplers, air pollution

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