Passive Seismic


Passive seismic exploration methodology, in particular the IPSS/IPDS (Infrasonic Passive Seismic Spectroscopy/ Infrasonic Passive Differential Spectroscopy ) and PST/MST (Passive Seismic Tomography/Micro Seismic Tomography) technique uses spectroscopic and time analysis of the seismic background noise acquired passively using high sensitivity VBB (Very Broad Band) 3D seismometers. 

Passive Seismic methods are applied to study, detect and monitor hydrocarbon reservoirs in exploration areas and developed fields.

Passive Seismic is a hydrocarbon saturation indicator technique. It detects the presence of subsurface hydrocarbons by recording and analyzing the low-frequency seismic background noise between  0.5- 10 Hz and the time domain in order to observe micro seismic events. 

The measurements can be calibrated with well data and integrated with other geophysical data to provide information which can reduce the uncertainty level for drilling and field development decisions. 

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