Patented method for oxygen permeation analysis of food packaging


Courtesy of Systech Instruments Ltd

The PermMate utilizes an innovative method of oxygen permeation analysis of finished packages - ‘Ambient Oxygen Ingress Rate’ (AOIR). Providing the ability to test the oxygen permeability of packages under different test conditions including how the product will be stored – at any temperature and humidity. The permeability and barrier qualities of film and foils change when it is shaped into a finished package and as a result the shelf life of food products can be affected.

It also allows the processor to get closer to the type of material required therefore eliminating the issue of over specifying a packaging material by using a thicker film than is needed – cutting costs for the producer .

Capable of testing numerous packages simultaneously, this permeation analyser can also be used for O2 headspace measurement, leak detection and shelf life determination.

An important tool for packaging research and development:

  • Packaging design – influence of material choices and thickness 
  • Shelf life prediction 
  • Ability to measure over a long period e.g. weekly measurements for a year 
  • Work with multiple samples at the same time

Acquiring the PermMate means that Systech Illinois can offer packaging manufacturers a versatile solution for permeation testing of finished packages. Resulting in significant cost savings for the food packaging industry and a reduction in waste for the consumer.

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