PCB clean-up national theatre of Oldenburg, Germany


Courtesy of Envio Recycling GmbH & Co. KG

PCB is a chemical mixture, the dangers of which - similar to asbestos - were underestimated for a long time. The positive characteristics of PCB were the center of attention, the health-endangering effects became obvious only later - among the others in the national theatre Oldenburg. The experts of ABB provided for an efficient and environmentally fair clean-up.


The ABB team has removed, from beneath the stage of the theatre, a cylinder of the hydraulic system. Framed of red plush and golden ornaments on the lofts of the large house lay 750 kilogram of steel, distributed on the stately length of four meters and a half, on the stage of the national theatre.


'That ran well', beamed Helmut Bergel about the work of the clean-up team. He took care of the project in the acquisition phase and was also locally responsible as project manager during the execution of the project. Pulling the cylinders was part of the measures of the clean-up, which ABB accomplished on behalf of the city of Oldenburg in the theatre. All the PCB contaminated construction units were removed and disposed of or recycled, in an environmentally sound manner.


Moreover, in Oldenburg special constraints had to be observed for the clean-up. Parts of the work area, for instance, had to be sealed hermetically and workers were prescribed to wear protective clothing, if they came directly into contact with PCB contaminated materials. A SIGEKO, or safety and health coordinator, made sure that all existing regulations were complied with during the project execution.


Otherwise, the project also made special demands to the team, because the work had to be accomplished while the actors’ company was doing their work. Which effects did this have? 'We became acquainted with all possible gradations of quiet' smiled the project manager, Helmut Bergel. 'The main thing was that the actors are not disturbed with their rehearsals.'


In order to use optimally the little available space for working, several shifts of only few workers were arranged. ABB made sure that the project was completed on schedule, so that at the end of September, when the play break ends, the actors could conquer their public in a theatre without PCB.


'ABB Environmental Services', which realized the project at the state theater of Oldenburg, Germany, was acquired by Envio group in 2004.

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