PCB removal


Courtesy of Filtra Systems

Project Profile:PCB Removal from Ground Water

End User: Aluminum Producer
Location: Pacific Northwest, USA
Commisioned: Summer, 2002
Units: (3) model FDB-340P (340 ft2/filter)
Flow Rate: 12,000 gpm (17.3 Million gallons of water per day)
Process: PCB removal from non contact caster water with discharge to a fish bearing river.

Process Description

A west coast aluminum producer uses the HDBF to remove PCBs and suspended solids from non contact caster water, which comes from the ground water. The producer uses the ground water, which contains PCBs, for use as cooling water. The water does not come into contact with their process. To discharge the water to the river, it must meet EPA specified PCB levels for discharge into fish bearing streams. The Hydromation deep bed filter removes the PCBs to meet this discharge requirement and is the only removal system in the process.

The standard EPA recommended equipment for this application is to use sand filtration followed by carbon columns. The end user pilot tested various pieces of equipment and it was determined that the HDBF could meet the removal requirement on a continuous basis, by itself, in a single step. This eliminated the need for granular activated carbon filters, which have a large operation cost associated to regeneration.

This installation was originally quoted with vertical vessel deep bed filters. Using the vertical vessel configuration, our competition quoted 9 filtration units. The horizontal filter vessel orientation allowed Filtra-Systems Company to provide (3) model FDB-340P for the entire flow rate, which significantly reduced capital and installation cost.

Hydromation is a licensed trademark of Petreco International.

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