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Peaceful use of the fast reactor in China

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China needs a large amount of energy to meet the development of economy and to ameliorate the lives of its people. According to the national policy of "peaceful growing up", China will generate the power mainly in domain. Nowadays, the primary energy of China consists of coal, hydro and others. Nuclear energy and green energy are the main selections for the future. The development of nuclear energy is divided into 3 steps: PWR-FBR-fusion. The purposes of fast reactor technology are: 1. to keep the nuclear as one of sustainable energy; 2. to reduce the long life radioactive waste. The primary study shows that the nuclear power capacity could be up to 240GWe with the commercialisation of fast reactor systems.

Keywords: China, nuclear energy, fast reactors, peaceful uses, nuclear power, nuclear reactors, energy demand, green energy, radioactive waste, sustainable energy

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