Pecan Grove MUD: Stabilizing Groundwater Withdrawals and Water Rates with Reclaimed Water

Ft. Bend County, Texas, south of Houston, Texas, is experiencing ground subsidence due to over pumping of the groundwater aquifer for domestic and agricultural use. Ft. Bend Subsidence District was created by the State and Regulations have been issued requiring all Public Water suppliers to decrease their groundwater withdrawal by 30 percent by 2013 and 60 percent by 2025. Each user must identify their method of meeting this goal to avoid paying a Disincentive Fee that is currently set at $3.25/1000 gallons. Some users are considering conversion to new surface water sources potentially available from the Brazos River Authority. Conservation and use of Reclaimed Water can also be considered. Each Water Utility must decide the combination of alternatives that best meets their rate payer’s interest and submit a Groundwater Reduction Plan by 2008.

The Solution
Pecan Grove MUD serves the Pecan Grove Plantation and Country Club and is an established, large residential neighborhood in Ft. Bend County, Texas on the northeast City Limits of Richmond, Texas, southwest of Houston. Ft. Bend Subsidence District has enacted water use regulations that require all significant groundwater users in the County to develop plans to reduce ground water use by 30 percent in 2013 and by 60 percent in 2025. This requirement is
driven by a rapidly increasing population creating increased demand on groundwater resources, with attendant  subsidence in the areas with withdrawals exceeding recharge. Pecan Grove MUD entered into contract with Kimley-Horn and Associates for a Water Reuse Feasibility Study to determine the potential to improve the existing wastewater treatment plant to provide reclaimed water quality and to determine the associated cost.

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