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Penetrologger CBR German Federal Defence Force - Case Study


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Project name

Penetrologger CBR German Federal Defence Force


German Federal Defence Force



Background and objective

Three years ago, Eijkelkamp started a project together with the German Federal Defence Force to develop a new type of Penetrologger. The German army required a Penetrologger for its ground troops who search for, among other things, suitable locations that can serve as landing strips. Here it is essential to determine the loadbearing capacity of the ground and using the simple-to-operate Penetrologger, it is possible to measure the load-bearing capacity to a depth of 60 centimetres.


With respect to the existing Penetrologger, the new type, the Penetrologger CBR, is lighter and more compact (for instance, the handles can be removed). This makes it possible to simply transport the new Penetrologger CBR along with existing equipment. Special batteries and specifically developed software are used. In addition the measuring unit is that required by the California Bearing Ratio (CBR).

The ratio was developed by the California State Highway Department to determine the load-bearing capacity of the ground. The United States Army Corps of engineers has used this test since the 1940's. This method is now used throughout the world to easily determine the load-bearing capacity of ground and foundation material. The Penetrologger CBR is therefore extremely suitable for both military and civil applications.

What the German Federal Defence Force has to say

‘I want to thank the employees of Eijkelkamp for their pleasant and constructive cooperation. It was certainly not always easy to meet our requirements. However, it was the continual dedication and willingness to do so that has contributed to the rapiddevelopment and implementation. This has made a major contribution to the success of the project.’

Klaus Seus - German Federal Department of Defence, Technology and Procurement

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