Penwhirn & Glengap WTW - New water treatment works


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Scottish Water
16.5 and 4.5 MLD respectively

The Client
Scottish Water is the UK's fourth largest water utility, responsible for the whole of Scotland and islands around the Scottish coast, including the major cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. They provide drinking water and wastewater treatment for a population of approximately 4.7 m, over a 79.976 km2 area.

The Client's Needs
Scottish Water required two new water treatment works in southwest Scotland: a 16.5 MLD plant at Penwhirn and a 4.5 MLD plant at Glengap.

VWS Solution
The project execution was as a joint venture by Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies and Morrison Construction Limited (MCL). MCL were the principal contractor during the civils construction phase, while VWS were the principal contractor during the M&E installation and commissioning phases. VWS were also responsible for the project management, design, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of the process, mechanical and electrical works for the entire project.

The Penwhirn and Glengap scopes included inlet works taking raw water from the nearby reservoir, flocculation, dissolved air flotation, first stage rapid gravity filters, manganese contact filters, washwater recovery, sludge thickening and disposal, chemical storage and dosing equipment and control systems and quality monitoring equipment.

At Penwhirn, the low conductivity, negligible alkalinity and extremely high coloured raw water from the reservoir required the DAF process to operate at its limit to achieve the clarification quality necessary for subsequent filtration in the first stage granulated activated carbon filters.

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