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Perceived value as a basis for shaping the offer of service provider: cases from UK and Croatia

According to the representative studies higher level of customers' perceived value leads to higher level of customer satisfaction, greater level of customer loyalty and to a greater success of organisation. Due to this, service providers have to recognize all important factors of customers' perception in order to offer the value which customers wanted and expected rather than the value which the firm perceived. The difference between customer's and firm's perception would result with discrepancy between customers' expectations and their perceptions of the service performance which causes the customers' disappointment with provided service. The purpose of this paper is to explain what offer should be delivered by service provider to meet customers' needs and wants, which attributes of the offer should be improved to attract more customers and maintaining the existing ones and which gaps should be avoided. In addition to the theoretical framework in the article are presented cases of the venues' providers in UK and banking sector in Croatia.

Keywords: customer values, perceived value, customer perceptions, firm perceptions, service providers, offers, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer expectations, service performance, customer disappointment, customer needs, customer wants, service quality gaps, meetings industry, conference venues, banking, banks, United Kingdom, UK, Croatia, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurialism, relations management, relationships, value creation

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