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Perception of environmental impacts in relation to land use

This paper provides an overview of environmental impacts resulting from land use on a teacher's environmental perception of three surrounding municipalities of a natural conservation area, situated in the northeastern region of Sao Paulo State, Brazil. The most significant environmental impacts and risks resulting from land use are those resulting from deforestation for sugar cane monoculture. The main kinds of environmental impacts perceived by the teachers were related to land use activities (agriculture), management practices (burning, deforestation and pesticides), and environmental impacts and risks (water and air pollution, extinction of species). The non-perception of fragmentation and loss of forested areas resulting from agricultural activities cannot be understood isolated from a historical process that these teachers are participating in relation to regional policies of land use. The teacher's involvement with an Environmental Education Programme will provide a review on the nature of the relationship between conservation practices and regional productive activities.

Keywords: land use, environmental impact, environmental education, Brazil, deforestation, sugar cane, teacher perception, burning, pesticides, water pollution, air pollution, species extinction, conservation practices, regional productivity, agriculture, environmental risk

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