Perchlorate, Chrome 6 and Freon-113 Remediation


Courtesy of Regenesis

Site Summary

At an ordnance facility in Hollister, CA, the groundwater aquifer was found to be contaminated by a variety of compounds, the more significant compounds being perchlorate, Chrome-6 and Freon-113. Perchlorate was detected at levels of 1,600 to 7,500 ug/L, Chrome-6 at levels of 15 to 210 ug/L, and Freon-113 at levels of 180 to 430 ug/L. The aquifer was composed of a medium to fine silty sand, with groundwater flowing northwest at a velocity of approximately 0.07 ft/day. In a pilot study application, 660 lb of HRC was applied to the site through a 25-pt injection grid at a rate of 6 lb per vertical ft. The grid covered an approximate area of 1,200 ft2 and an application thickness of 15 ft. Points within the grid were spaced 5 ft on center.

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