Legionella - Perfectly clean water without the use of chemicals - Case Study


Courtesy of Danish Clean Water A/S

Showers in indoor swimming pool was legionella-free without dangerous chemicals

In the spring of 2012 dangerous legionella bacteria outbreak was found in the shower installation in Osby swimming hall in Sweden. Now the shower installation is completely legionella free, and secure the visitors against future outbreaks, by using a harmless and biodegradable liquid NEUTHOX.

Each year, between 100 -150 Swedes has been infected with dangerous legionella bacteria, partly driven in water systems in apartment buildings, public institutions, such as shower installations in swimming pools, sports halls, hospitals and Nursing homes. Statistically 15 out of 100 infected people die of Legionnaires’ disease.

Now the many happy water guests in Osby swimming pool can feel it completely safe to use for the audience. As one of the first swimming hall in Sweden the shower installations has got installed a generator using common salt, water and a small amount of electricity produces the liquid NEUTHOX, with effectively prevents and eradicates the bacteria throughout the water supply and ensure itself of adding the right dosing amount of NEUTHOX.

Property engineer in Osby Municipality, Ulf Nilsson was helped to choose the new solution to the shower installation in the Swimming pool.

“I got the solution recommended by Secon, Swedish Energy Consult, who have been our partners for 30 years. I thought immediately that it seemed like a great solution because it is safe to handle contrary, for example, to disinfect with chlorine dioxide, which can produce hazardous gases,“ says Ulf Nilsson.

Until recently, the shower system did not have a routine for Legionella control. Previously they rinsed the shower system at night by flushing 70 degrees hot water through the pipes, which would kill the bacteria but the hot water did not remove the biofilm in the pipes where bacteria grows, therefore this method is not safe. In spring 2012, a control measurement showed legionella bacteria count in the 800 cfu/100ml. A measurement, which resulted in the installation of a new disinfection system.

“The alternative would be that we should completely separate the hot and cold water piping throughout the building, and it would require a major expensive renovation. We wanted to avoid this solution. NEUTHOX is more efficient and a much easier option, than daily to flush the pipes with hot water. The DCW solution took 6-7 men’s work a whole night “says Ulf Nilsson.

Fortunately, no one fell ill because of the Legionella outbreak in Osby. Today is the bacteria count in the pipe installation / systems below limited legislations values.

Technologisk Institut about NEUTHOX

A new report from Teknologisk Institute in Denmark undergoes alt existing solutions for legionella preventions.

About NEUTHOX states in part:

”Technology’s ability to destroy biofilms and eliminate Legionella problems has been demonstrated in laboratory testing at recognized universities and demonstrated in practical installations in buildings such as office buildings, hospitals and nursing homes. There are no health or safety negative aspects associated with the installation and construction. ”


Legionella is a bacterium that lives in surface water, rivers, lakes, wastewater and drinking water. The bacterium can cause Legionnaires disease – a serve form of pneumonia each year is estimated to affect 100- 150 Swedes a year. Approximately 15% of those infected die from the disease.

The bacteria spread by tiny water particles in the air. This may be when turn on the shower or flush the toilet. When you then breathe, you risk inhaling the bacteria into the lungs.

Legionella bacteria grow best in warm water that is allowed to stand for long. The problem is therefore seen often, for examples, shower installations, hospitals, shopping centers and apartment buildings.

At water temperatures above 58 degrees, door the bacteria, but do not remove the biofilm. The Danish company Danish Clean Water, has developed and manufactures the Generator, and market through a broad partner network. The Osby Swimming hall is one of the first institutions that have invested in the generator with primary objective is to prevent and combat legionella. There already exist a lot of many applications for using the generator for example cleaning of wastewater.

It is recommended a dosing between 0,5 – 1, 0 PPM FAC. Additional and ORP measure¬ment can be installed to secure a ORP level on 550- 600 mV.

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