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Performance evaluation of triangular singly reinforced concrete beam

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Rectangular reinforced concrete beam section is a common shape used in general construction works. A different scale of performance may be achieved if the beam shape can be changed. In this paper, the effectiveness of a triangular reinforced beam section is justified. Firstly, relevant mathematical equations for design are developed. After that, necessary comparison is made with the existing equations for rectangular sections. Comparison is made with respect to both bending moment and shear force. The entire research is done in working stress design method (WSD) considering the beam as singly reinforced. It is also assumed that tensile stress and compression stress act at below and above the neutral axis, respectively. That is, the mid section of a beam is only taken into account. It is seen from the analysis that triangular RCC sections are better than rectangular ones both in terms of higher moment and shear taking ability. It requires less steel usage having lower concrete volume as well, which means triangular section ensures both less dead load and economic safety.

Keywords: reinforcement, bending moment, shear force, concrete volume, economy safety, reinforced concrete beams, structural engineering, working stress design

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