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Performance of NSM–FRP RC beams in flexure and shear using locally developed CFRP rebars

In the present study, an experimental investigation was carried out to evaluate the flexural and shear capacity of near surface mounted (NSM) reinforced concrete (RC) beams using carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) rebars. A total of 16 half scale beams were tested to study the flexural and shear responses of strengthened RC beams. The CFRP rebars were manufactured at structural testing centre using locally developed twisting equipment to strengthen the RC beams. Also, new anchor system was locally developed to predict the tensile characteristics of CFRP bars using universal testing machine. To examine the flexural and shear behaviour, all beams were tested under two–point loading system. It was observed that the NSM strengthened RC beams have higher load carrying capacity than the corresponding control beam in flexure and shear by 68% and 35.6%, respectively. Typical failure modes of the beams during the experimental investigation were CFRP rupture, CFRP debonding, crushing of concrete and shear failure. Finally, a design example has been presented for better understanding in the analysis and design of NSM FRP strengthened RC beams. Further, the values obtained from the analytical study are in good agreement with the experimental values.

Keywords: near surface mounted beams, NSM, reinforced concrete beams, CFRP composites, design example, flexure, NSM–FRP, performance, beam strengthening, failure modes, CFRP rupture, CFRP debonding, concrete crushing, shear failure, sustainable materials, carbon fibre reinforced polymer rebars

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