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Perspective 2 of the SoSE methodology: designing the unique methodology

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The second perspective in the SoSE methodology is to design the unique methodology to address the system of systems problem. Following from the first perspective which frames the situation, the approach to guide investigation of the problem, or unique methodology, must be established. Every system of systems problem is unique and therefore must have an approach that appreciates that uniqueness. The unique methodology is tailored to appreciate the intersection of problem, context, and compatible approach to address the problem in context. This paper will discuss the second perspective of the SoSE methodology, designing the unique methodology, which includes developing the high level design for the system study, construction of the detailed analytic strategy to guide data collection and analysis, and establishment of the assessment criteria and plan. The paper will demonstrate the nature, role, and development of a unique methodology for performing SoSE.

Keywords: systems methodology, systems thinking, system of systems, SOS, system of systems engineering, SoSE, unique methodology design

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