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Perspectives on transfer of the Czech experience to other EU Accession countries

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This paper evaluates, on the basis of experience in the Czech Republic, the usefulness and prospects for implementation of the GREENSTAMP modular approach to greened national accounting in other Accession countries. It contributes to the appraisal of the feasibility and strategic interest of green accounting implementations for other countries within the European Union and, particularly, in the process of accession to the EU. First, recommendations are developed about prospects for transfer of the Czech study experience to other Accession countries, by considering the methods and implementations on a module by module basis. Then, some general cross-cutting categories are discussed that seem to have high relevance for most, if not all Accession countries. This is followed by a detailed appraisal of policy priorities and green accounting research feasibility for Slovakia. Finally, a framework is presented suggesting appropriate steps for defining priorities and operational green accounting implementation in other EU Accession countries.

Keywords: abatement costs, accession, air pollution, biotypes, cost-effectiveness, Czech Republic, emissions, environmental valuation, European Union, GREENSTAMP, land cover, NAMEA, national accounting, scenario modelling, water quality, environmental accounting, green accounting, Slovakia

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