Persulfate-peroxide-ZVI technical bulletin

Traditionally, oxidation processes utilize oxidizers, which require no activation; peroxide, permanganate. Persulfate and ozone, or oxidants which require activation; Fenton’s Process and activated persulfate. The advantage of activated processes is the evolution of free radicals, which offer higher oxidation capabilities and a broader spectrum of applicable targeted compounds. The disadvantages of activation processes and the evolution of free radicals typically focus on the limited half-lives of these species. The remedial approach utilizes both free radical chemistry and
oxidation chemistry in such a way as to extend the oxidant and free radical residual. Innovative Environmental Technologies, Inc. (IET), applies three remedial materials to the subsurface via a patented injection process and apparatus (United States Patent # 7,044,152) such that the activation processes occur in a controlled manner in-situ. In a unique application of zero-valent iron metal (2-4 microns in size), the process allows for activation of both the
persulfate and the peroxide species in-situ.

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