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Pesticide removal from wastewater

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In this study, the removal of 2,2 ? dichlorovinyl ? o,o ? dimethyl phosphate (DDVP) from wastewater by adsorption was carried out. DDVP is an organophosphorus insecticide widely used in agriculture in Turkey. Adsorbents used in the study were agricultural waste straw, wood chips and ground corncobs. Adsorption of DDVP onto these materials from wastewater was evaluated by using a batch system. Optimum experimental conditions such as optimum adsorbent dose and contact time were investigated. Straw, wood chip and ground corncob were compared with each other for their ability to remove DDVP. As a result, it was concluded that these materials can be used for DDVP removal from wastewater.

Keywords: DDVP removal, adsorption, wastewater, straw, wood chips, ground corncobs

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