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PET Preform Injection Molding Machine


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PET preform injection molding Machine is suitable for mineral water, carbonic acid drink, juice, cooking oil, medicine jar and detergent, cosmetic, packing bottle and many others.

Machine Features

Special injection construction designed to benefit for plasticizing. According to the PET material property and the molding requirments of it, our experienced engineering team designed the machine special for the application. Its mature design satisfied all of our customers in PET preform molding production.

1.Big diameter screw design and L/D ratio.

2.High plasticization capacity.

3.Extended machine framework, enlarged space between tie bars, mold opening stroke, mold thickness, and ejection stroke.

4.Specialized screw set for PET+FB or slice PET are on request as option.

5.Four or above stages precise temperature PID control for barrel.

6. Spring nozzle for the mchine below 650Ton, hydraulic nozzle for 650, meeting customers's special requirments by effectively avoid overflow.

7.Dehymififying dryer selected for PET resin's special demands of removing moisture.

8. Suitable for both varid pump and standard pump.

9. By means of linear potentiometer(L/P) for injection and clamping unit. Deviation is under 0.01mm. 

10.By use of PID temperature controller, which has limitations for screw cold starts, broken wire detection, temperature preservation, etc. Temperatures can be controlled by ±1°C. 

11.Higher stability and lower defect in PET preform dimension.

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