PET sorting plant in Korea


Courtesy of TOMRA Sorting GmbH.

Even though Korea’s recycling industry is in its infancy, there are companies willing to make a strong investment in its future.


“When we were planning to build a new PET sorting plant”, explains Jae-beom Jeon, Deputy Managing Director of Daesung Group, “our biggest concern was manual sorters.” Korean hand pickers are not only expensive to hire but are also hard to find. “But we happened to hear about TITECH and decided to have a meeting.” Three months later Daesung had two TITECH coloursort® units installed.


What convinced Daesung was not only calculating how much can be saved by using TITECH technology but also the expertise of the TITECH sales manager on site. The sales manager gave precise answers to a large number of questions, instilling confidence in his Daesung counterparts. As Daesung is entering a completely new technology field, the company is highly concerned with the issue of trust. The certainty of having knowledgeable and experienced TITECH engineers on hand bolsters that sense of trust.


“TITECH Korea is located 40 minutes away from our plant and the service engineer gives us a call once a week to check the operation.” Relying on TITECH’s service and support, Daesung can focus on bringing its business into the future.

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