Petition regarding health problems caused by PCB in Slovakia

Alena Bartonova at NILU has together with researchers in the EU project ENVIRISK sent a petition to the Government of Slovakia. This untraditional action has been taken to point out the need to remediate the environmental contamination in an area around a former production site for PCBs. Despite the fact that the production was stopped in 1984, large areas are still heavily polluted by PCB. The government has also been urged to take immediate measures to protect the local population, counting several hundred thousand, from further exposures leading to health impairment.

The research team of the ENVIRISK project has reviewed the investigations done in Slovakia in the area of Strazske regarding the health effects of PCBs on the local population. The investigations were done within a number of national and international research projects. The levels of PCB in blood found t in the local populations to date, are higher than any other reported in scientific literature, including those of known populations at risks.

Petition regarding health problems caused by PCB in Slovakia
Health effects observed include hearing loss, dental impairment, effects on thyroid and diabetes. The ENVIRISK project, a two-year project co-funded from the 6th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development of the EU, 2006-2009, found it necessary to point out the serious situation to the authorities in Slovakia, at the same time informing the EU.

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