Petrochemical Corp - Case study


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The Problem
Mandates on the industry to meet certain environmental standards including NOx SIP requirements, combined with corporate responsibility and sustainability programs make the management of Petrochemical Corp's increasingly complex environmental program critical to their continued success.

The Solution
Implementation of the VisionMonitor Compliance Intelligence solution allows proactive emissions and compliance data management in real-time and prediction for future regulatory compliance.

Who they are:
Petrochemical Corp's integrated manufacturing facility focuses on production and marketing within several main business units.Petrochemical Corp maintains its leadership in the industry with an innovative ability to bring high-quality products to the marketplace.

Petrochemical Corp’s Problem:
Petrochemical Corp is committed to supporting a continuing effort to improve the industry's responsible management of chemicals and to work well within the guidelines and standards developed by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Petrochemical Corp worked with their paper and spreadsheet based environmental management system, but had difficulty Keeping up with regulatory requirements, agency reporting, event management, and continual compliance monitoring.

VisionMonitor’s Solution:
VisionMonitor implemented the Compliance Intelligence product suite at Petrochemical Corp's facility. Compliance Intelligence allows Petrochemical Corp to track compliance activities related to their various Title V permits, monitor and predict NOx emissions from units in the facility, automate the event management and reporting process, and receive Alerts on various monitored conditions in the facility. Petrochemical Corp is using Compliance Intelligence to help its efforts to comply with SIP requirements to reduce NOx emissions from its Houston based plant.

What We Implemented:
VisionMonitor implemented the entire Compliance Intelligence product suite at Petrochemical Corp’s Houston facility. Functions implemented include Emissions Monitoring, Predictive Modelers, Compliance Manager task tracking, Event Manager, Event Reporting, Task Assignment and management, Compliance Intelligence Core Platform, and the Alerts mechanism.

Technologies Used:
VisionMonitor Compliance Intelligence is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and integrates with existing systems at Petrochemical Corp including PHD, CEMS Units, Oracle Database, Access, and Excel Spreadsheets.

Petrochemical Corp uses VisionMonitor Compliance Intelligence to track individual sources of emissions at the plant. This allows the company to make decisions on how to use the plant efficiently from an overall perspective as well as guide emissions credit trading operations. Petrochemical Corp also utilizes the VisionMonitor software for event reporting allowing the company to make timely and accurate emissions reports that might be required as a result of events at the plant.

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