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Petrophysical parameters affecting the microbit drillability of rock

Drillability of rock is one of the important parameter to decide the progress and economics of excavation. It depends on number of parameters like ground condition, drill geometry and other rock parameters. The important physico-mechanical properties were determined. It was found that Uniaxial Compressive Strength, Point load index, tensile strength, shear strength, cohesion are strongly correlated with Penetration Rate (PR), however elastic modulus, P and S wave velocity indicate moderate correlation. Abrasivity does not show significant relation with PR. The 't' test was performed to verify the empirical relation which confirmed the validity of the equations. These equations can be used to predict drillability performance.

Keywords: petrophysical properties, rock drillability, t test, microbit drillability, drillability performance, drilling, physico-mechanical properties

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