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Pharmaceutical company cuts costs with baler - Case Study


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Wyeth is a global manufacturer of pharmaceutical and health care products. The company operates in more than 100 countries and employs 47,500 people. Wyeth’s manufacturing facility in Newbridge, County Kildare, Ireland, employs 1,200 people and produces a variety of solid dose pharmaceutical products.

In December 2008, Wyeth installed an Atex baler (X50), purchased through Bramidan’s Irish distributor, Acme. Since then the benefits have been clear, as internal handling procedures have been improved. At the same time, waste transport costs have been reduced significantly.

“Our primary hazardous waste management company informed us about a baler that had been installed in another pharmaceutical company here in Ireland. We visited them to see it in operation and could see that we could also gain an advantage by replacing our existing solution with a baler,” says Anne-Marie Flynn, Environmental, Health & Safety Officer.

More efficient waste handling processes
In the processing area, solid hazardous waste is collected and transported to the baler in bags which are then compacted into 450 kg bales before loading into a transport container. Each transport container can now carry an average of 12 tons, a significant increase compared over the previous 5 tons.

“Previously, we filled a container a week. Now, waste is picked up twice a month, which saves us about 50% on collection costs, as we are charged for each transport container,” says Anne-Marie Flynn, who also points out that fewer collections have also resulted in less paperwork, as Wyeth must transport hazardous waste abroad for destruction.

“Due to the fact that there are no commercial incinerators for hazardous waste in Ireland, all our waste is transported to Belgium or Germany for destruction. Now that we only ship two containers a month, both paperwork and supervision have been reduced, which frees up time for other things,” she adds.

Safety first
Furthermore, the Atex (X50) baler has improved working conditions for the employees, who move the compacted bales to the container.

Facts about Atex balers
When you need balers for handling hazardous waste, you can use Atex machines from Bramidan. They are made according to the ATEX classification II 3 G D T4 and characterized by explosion proof control and pump unit.

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