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Phase 1 desk study to assist in land divestment


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Project: Phase 1 assessment Desk Study to Assist in Land Divestment

Client: Local Authority, London 

Services: Site walkover, land investigation, data collation, conceptual site modelling, qualitative risk assessment

Summary: ESI’s thorough approach to data collection and conceptual modelling plus our experience of pragmatic risk assessment provided a reliable summary of the site’s land quality status which assisted in the subsequent land sale 

As part of a land divestment programme a London Local Authority were interested in assessing the land quality status of various Council owned parcels of land. One such land area was a site leased for over 30 years for use as a vehicle servicing garage. ESI was commissioned by the Council to undertake a Phase 1 land condition survey of the site in order to support an outline application for the demolition of the existing site buildings and the proposed redevelopment of the site as a hotel.

The principal objective of the study was to combine site inspection observations with available historical land use and contemporary environmental information in order to qualitatively assess the potential risks posed to key environmental receptors from the current land quality.

ESI’s approach focussed on:

  • Thorough data searches, including consultations with key regulators and the site occupants; interrogation of the local reference library; review of existing reporting/documentation (including local site investigation reports and regional groundwater modelling data/reporting); and interpretation of varied data sources, including aerial mapping, geological records/memoirs, etc.
  • Considered conceptual modelling, including consideration of all possible/relevant contaminant source-pathway-receptor linkages, presented in a logical and structured manner.
  • Pragmatic risk assessment. Having identified all potential pollutant linkages, the real value in ESI’s Phase 1 reporting was to provide a measured opinion as the likely risks posed by the identified hazards. The Phase 1 report therefore provided a candid assessment of the likely environmental risks posed by the site.

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