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Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessment


Courtesy of Troy Risk, Inc.

Troy Risk was approached by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIBI) to complete a combination Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Phase II Subsurface Investigation, on a multi-lot parcel that would be KIBI’s new headquarters building. Troy Risk performed the Phase I / Phase II on a not-for-profit basis in support of the merit of KIBI’s mission.

The historical use of the property for manufacturing posed uncertainty about environmental conditions, which stymied redevelopment of the property for years. KIBI, helped by attorneys at Barnes and Thornburg and Troy Risk, thought that we could use Indiana’s RISC program to redevelop the parcel using environmental risk assessment and institutional controls.

Historical research for the Phase I report confirmed a long history of industrial use including a dry-cleaning shop, a gas station, and a manufacturing facility. The Phase I report detailed the potential locations on the parcel for impacted soil and groundwater.

Based on the Phase I report findings, Troy Risk conducted a rigorous Phase II Subsurface Investigation of soil and groundwater conditions. The investigation of potential sources was performed using Troy Risk’s Geoprobe services. The subsurface investigation found that implementation of institutional controls could mitigate exposure to impacted conditions for users of the property. KIBI obtained a comfort letter from Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) that cleared the way for redevelopment for their new Headquarters Building.


On November 2, 2007, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and Mayor Bart Peterson announced the successful resolution of the environmental investigation at a green-breaking ceremony for KIBI. Troy Risk joined with other major supporters to celebrate redevelopment of an under-developed property as Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Inc.’s new Headquarters Building.

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